GURPSday Cross Post: Story, Flavor, and One-Shots

gurpsdayEvery Thursday, Douglas Cole at Gaming Ballistic compiles posts from the GURPS blogosphere. This week, there are a couple of posts that I want to flag for the Just Roll 3d6 audience:

  • Ken DeLyzer writes on Game Mastery, or ‘How I learned to love the story.’ The key takeaway is that the most important part of the gaming experience is the stories that the participants generate together. If you can build a story that draws the players in, the details of the rules, mechanics, and balance will all fade away.
  • Derrick White’s post 10 Points of Flavor suggests having a flavor-only pool of points for character creation, in order to make the characters more three-dimensional. This is a great suggestion for overcoming the urge to optimize every element of every build.
  • Warren “Mook” Wilson gives some advice on running one-shots, including how to use Halloween as an opportunity to introduce new players to the fun of RPGs, in Halloween One-Shots.