GURPS Lite and dice

Making GURPS Simple

GURPS—the Generic Universal Role-Playing System—is one of the best roleplaying games around. With a single rule set, participants can play any genre: swords and sorcery, superheroes, alternate history, horror, true crime, and more.

Unfortunately, GURPS has a reputation for being rules-heavy and number-driven. Some of this reputation stems from the math that appeared in earlier rules editions; part of it comes from the sheer breadth of supplements available. Whatever the reason, the effect is that GURPS is more intimidating than it should be.

The Just Roll 3d6 Mission

That’s where this blog comes in. The mission of Just Roll 3d6 is to show how simple GURPS can be. Whether you are new to GURPS, new to roleplaying in general, or an experienced GURPS player just looking for ways to streamline your games, this blog is for you. The aim is to get you playing as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

There are great resources in the GURPS world for players that want to dive deeply into the system, tinker with rules for specific situations, and fiddle with the details. If that’s your cup of tea, go for it! But this blog is about how straightforward GURPS can be. Simplicity and ease of play are the goals here.

If you’ve ever wondered why people still play GURPS in this era of rules-light RPGs, or if you’re surprised that it’s possible to play GURPS without a spreadsheet at the ready, it’s time for you to see a new side of GURPS. Its time…to Just Roll 3d6!